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Dr. C. D. Deshmukh Commerce & Sau. K. G. Tamhane Arts College

Roha, Raigad.

NAAC B+ Grade | University Of Mumbai - Best College Award 2011-12

Department of History

About Department

The Department of History was established in KES, Dr. C. D. Deshmukh Commerce & Sau. K.G. Tamhane College, Roha - Raigad in 1993. Since its inception, along with academics, it has excelled in establishing co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The Department believes in engaging students with stimulating project, assignment, annual study tours, guest lectures by eminent lecturers. The department provide students an access to several historical literature. The department has its own departmental library with 200 plus books. We conduct remedial coaching for departmental students.

Aim & Objectives

  • To make the classroom teaching learning process interesting through suitable student centric methods.
  • To arrange the study tours at historical Places.
  • To encourage the students in acquiring various skills related to information technology.
  • To organize workshops, seminars, conferences etc.
  • To organize lectures on the importance of historical places.
  • To conduct lectures on competitive examination.
  • To conduct departmental competitions on various issues in history.
  • To evaluate students performance internally & externally with the help of class test, assignments, projects etc.

Departmental Profile

Shrm. Seema Jalindhar Bhosle
Assistant Prof. Department of History
[M.A. History M.A. Marathi M.Ed UGC NET.]
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Mr. Tulsidas Pandurang Mokal
Assistant Professor in History
[M. A. B.Ed. History]
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Question Paper Pattern

Paper Presentations

Departmental Results

Departmental Achievements

  • Continuous improvement in the Result of T.Y.B.A. & M.A.
  • Successfully completed activities as per planning.
  • Publications
    Books: Prof. T. P. Mokal has written 7 Books for U.G & P. G. Students.
  • Contribution to University work:
    • Prof. T. P. Mokal has work as Mumbai University Vigilance Squad Member,
    • Mumbai University Syllabus Sub-Committee Member, Mumbai University Subject expert.
    • Chairperson, Paper-setter Moderator, Examiner, Author& Editor (U.G. & P.G. University of Mumbai & IDOL)
    • Prof. S. J. Bhosale work as examination-Chairperson, Paper-setter Moderator, Examiner, (U.G. & P.G. University of Mumbai)
  • Awards: Prof T.P. Mokal has been award the Best Program Officer of the year 2020 -21 award of Mumbai University for National Service Scheme (NSS).

Departmental Future Plans

  • To implement all reforms as per NEP 2020.
  • To introduce certificate programs related to specific discipline, inter- discipline and multidiscipline.
  • To publish research work in UGC listed journals.
  • To start You tube channels.
  • To collaborate with other higher education institutions

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