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Roha, Raigad.

NAAC B+ Grade | University Of Mumbai - Best College Award 2011-12

Department of Geography

About Department

Our college is affiliated to University of Mumbai. Arts stream is working under it. Department of Geography is one of the oldest departments and it was established in 1993. Ever since the inception of the Arts stream of the college, the college has chosen the subject of Geography with foresight. Geography has been a versatile field of study since its inception. Department of Geography has three years Bachelor Degree Programme. The courses with specialization in geography provides a multidimensional curriculum to impart cultural, social, environmental, geographical awareness among the students. The department has its own departmental library with 100 plus books on related and co-related multi-topics. We conduct remedial coaching for our students.

Aim & Objectives

  • To promote the relevance of geographical knowledge to society at large, in view of the critical role of the environment at the present time.
  • To conduct geography-based activities for students.
  • To facilitate the simplification of geographical knowledge through audio-video teaching aids, Maps, etc.
  • To organize workshops, seminars, conferences, etc. at National and International Level
  • To develop good quality leaners through quality education in geography.

Departmental Profile

Dr.Anil N. Shinde
Assistant Professor in Geography
[M.A., B.Ed.Ph.D.]
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Syllabus Completion Report

Paper Presentations

Worked as Resources Person & Judge

Departmental Results

Departmental Achievements

  • Successfully completed the planned activities during the period.
  • Awarded Ph.D. in Geography to Mr. Anil N. Shinde by Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded (MS) in 2020-21
  • Dr. Anil N. Shinde started You Tube channel for college Students and those who are willing to participate in competitive exams.
  • In may 2020, the Department of Geography organized a state level quiz on the
  • “Environmental Awareness” in which more than 1000 citizens have participated.
  • In Sep.2020, the Department of Geography conducted the State Level “Maharashtra General Knowledge Quiz” in which more than 450 citizens have participated.
  • Dr. Anil Shinde has written 2 text book in 2021 for P. G. Students of the Institute of Distance & Open Learning (IDOL) of University of Mumbai.
  • Dr. Anil Shinde, Head Department of Geography has written a text book for the subject of Agricultural Geography. (2023)

Departmental Future Plans

  • To enrich the laboratory with latest equipment’s like Digital Instruments, Auto weather instruments, Geographical software’s. etc.
  • To start job-oriented courses.
  • To start Environmental Awareness for community through the students.
  • To start Small Scale Industrial training programs.
  • To Start Short-Term Courses like – Soil Testing, Water Testing, Air Pollution Testing, etc...
  • To Organize Training program on “Environment Awareness”
  • To implement all reforms as per National Education Policy 2020.
  • To introduce certificate Programs related to specific disciplines, inter-discipline and multidiscipline.
  • To develop well-equipped digital classroom for geography students.

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