Mission, Vision and Goal


‘Self respecting human being has nothing to do with the sorrows and Joys, whatever will be the out come of his well doings”


“ The torch of knowledge is to be lighted. The red colour of the flag symbolized the change, the revolution


‘Avail the facility of education to the down trodden community for development of society’.


  • To provide excellent & qualitative service in the field of higher education in rural area to help younger generation for acquiring knowledge & information at the minimum cost.
  • To develop overall personality of the student through extra curricular activities to face all the challenges of the fast changing world.
  • To generate and promote sense of national integration & social responsibility among student to become most responsible and good citizen.
  • To promote acquisition of knowledge among students for developing entrepreneurship and opportunities for getting better jobs.
  • To extend the benefits of resources and skills for development individuals and society by associating college with other organization.